Manuscript Evaluation

I have extensive experience in editing and manuscript evaluation. I have taught Creative Writing workshops in Fiction, Poetry, and Screenwriting at the university level for the past 15 years. As well I have been Writer-in-Residence for various universities and writers' groups, and have mentored individual writers at the beginning of their careers.


MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION helps you examine the strengths and weaknesses of your work, and helps you in your revision process.

How it Works

I read your manuscript and provide you with a detailed, written evaluation of your work.


I will evaluate it in terms of continuity, characterization and character development, literary devices such as metaphor, foreshadowing, repetition, etc., setting, style, theme, tone, and many other elements of fiction.


While I will not edit the work, I will mark typos, and note spelling and frequently repeated errors. I will ask questions and suggest areas within your manuscript where revision is necessary.


$3.00 / page for the first 10 pages

$2.00 / page thereafter


Manuscripts must be submitted in proper format:

When submitting your manuscript, please attach as a Word Doc and include your email address. I will calculate payment and send you a Paypal Payment Request.




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For full editing, I charge an hourly rate. Please contact me for further information.
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