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"[Solitaria] is a story with many masks or stories within stories but it is told so fluidly you hardly notice the complexity of the writing. It is part murder mystery, part romance, part historical account, and part family saga. It is quite simply, literature at its finest and a story like no other. The fact that it is set primarily in Southern Italy, with a brief early stop in Vancouver, Canada, imbues it with an earthy, lusty, almost ancient tone that lingers long after you close the book."
                                                                       -- Val B. Russell HerCircle e-zine

"Gunn has a fresh and epigrammatic writing style, perhaps unsurprising in someone who has also published poetry and short fiction. Solitaria is a compelling read and the ending comes as a total shock even to the armchair detectives who explore every angle to the enigmatic Piera's story as she relates it to David. Her aged family have gathered from across the world when the body of the eldest brother, Vito, is found, having been dead since the 1950's, when presumed living in anonymity in Argentina. It is the present day, but the novel's laurels lie in her childhood recollections of Mussolini's Italy, evoking rare and unusual sympathies for the confused Fascists who, like Piera's family, survived on rationed bread and dandelion greens.

"A cheerful romp in the park Solitaria is not, but it is one you cannot put down. Again, it serves to illustrate that everyone's memories and experiences, even of the same events, are vastly different, even as we revolve in our own self-serving orbits...”
                                                                                     —The Winnipeg Review

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