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(Raincoast Books, 2001)
Commonwealth Prize nominee Genni Gunn has penned an ingenious psychological novel, placing at its dark centre a flawed but redeemable heroine, Kate Mason, a thirty-something social anthropologist returning to the emotional crime scene she reluctantly calls home. While Kate mercilessly unearths the remnants of a life littered with evidence of abandonment, lies and loss, she also unravels the coil that binds her to Iris, the mother she never knew. Read more . . .

"Writing on many levels at once is a skill that Gunn draws on with great success . . . Gunn develops a lively cast of characters a collection of idiosyncrasies rife with strengths, weaknesses, fault lines and hidden passages to create multi-dimensional, heartbreakingly human people. . . the way Gunn enfolds you into the mindset of her main characters is particularly moving, and her sensitive rendering of love and loss is remarkably astute. Read more . . .

The first time she saw a dead body, Kate was crossing the bridge into Wenatchee. The man lay on the steep bank, face down, naked, his skin a startling white in the yellow dust. An ambulance was parked on the shoulder, and the attendants leaned against it, smoking. Kate could hear loud hard-rock music coming from the car radio of a couple who, like her, had slowed down for a look. She wondered who that man was and why he was naked. It seemed symbolic, somehow, as if he had just been reborn and would, at any moment, lift his head, put on his clothes and begin a new life.  Read more . . .

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