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(Quarry Press, 1990)

Thrice Upon a Time is the story of the search for the identity of an abandoned child -- an inventive novel which is at once a gripping mystery and a morally resounding feminist history, set in British Columbia.

"Thrice Upon a Time is a wildly inventive novel..."

                                                    The Ottawa Citizen, Fall 1991

"There's a far-reaching imagination at work in this book.."

                                                    - The Globe & Mail, August 1990

"Genni Gunn's fine novel, Thrice Upon a Time, is a challenging combination of narratives that rewards the extra effort needed to read it...This novel is a creation of much originality, very successful in its newness, and well arranged -- the sort of book one wished would continue another hundred pages."

                                            University ofToronto Quarterly, Fall 1991

"Thrice Upon a Time is impressive in both craft and complexity."

                                                                  Books in Canada

"The poet in Gunn transforms the terrain into a magical and memorable landscape."           Kingston's Alternative Bi-weekly


"... a beautifully written, many-layered novel."

                                                                -- The Whig-Standard




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Thrice Upon a Time