On the Road
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(Oberon Press, 1991)

The world of rock music is a world of men. Women can sing or play the piano, but they're not expected to play the bass guitar. Of course, there are a few "all-girl" groups, but they work in a musical ghetto of their own. This, however, is a book of stories about a woman who dares to call herself a musician and insists that we come to know her as she really is.

"Deftly using the first person limited, Gunn demonstrates again her acute sensitivity to language's potentialities and weaknesses in the communication of human desire tempered by pain...Gunn has her own style marked out very distinctly and successfully."

       University of Toronto Quarterly, Fall 1992, Vol. 62, No. 1


"What Genni Gunn's terse, wry narratives have in common with Jack Kerouac's better known work of the same name is a knowledge that "the road" is not simplistically the road to freedom, but freedom itself. On The Road is a densely crafted book about love and illusion..."

                                             The Vancouver Sun, January 1992   Read more . . .


Im standing in the cool night air. Two things happened to me today. So I figure, why not cause the third, then I can relax. I know. This isnt matches and war. Well. Perhaps it is about matches. Or mismatches.

Number one concerns Gary. We have been living together for two years, stuck in an old movie now in syndicated reruns. Brief personal details about Gary for context: he trims his toenails every Thursday night before taking a shower; he can accurately type 87 words a minute without using a Spellcheck; and he views everything as black or white, leaving no room for possibilities.

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