"Deftly using the first person limited, Gunn demonstrates again her acute sensitivity to language's potentialities and weaknesses in the communication of human desire tempered by pain...Gunn has her own style marked out very distinctly and successfully."

                                 University of Toronto Quarterly, Fall 1992, Vol. 62, No. 1


"What Genni Gunn's terse, wry narratives have in common with Jack Kerouac's better known work of the same name is a knowledge that "the road" is not simplistically the road to freedom, but freedom itself. On The Road is a densely crafted book about love and illusion..."

                                                                 The Vancouver Sun, January 1992


"Gunn's stories have a good back beat and lively, feminist syncopation."

                                                                       The Globe & Mail, August 1991


"The calibre of Gunn's writing is exceptional." -The Windsor Star, July 1991


"...Gunn is writing polished, strong short stories.

                                                                 The Edmonton Journal, July 1991


"On The Road is filled with forceful images and believable characters.

                                                              London Free Press, November 1991


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