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(Signature Editions, 2010)
In Faceless, Genni Gunn explores "the impulse for the edge," a magnetic field between the gloss of the topside world and the grit of the world beneath. Both these landscapes are fascinating and treacherous, haunted by faces that are obsessively worn and shed, torn off and replaced, where identity itself is arbitrary. Impersonation, even of oneself, is the rule. In a piano bar, the musician is a chameleon adapting to the faceless men who sit around her piano. The faceless cadavers in the notorious BodyWorlds exhibits stalk the rooms . . . Read More . . . 

"As a central metaphor, “faces” are an interesting one to explore, ripe with echoes of surface and depth, geography and biology, semantics and connotations. Faceless explores these themes with vigor and scope, collecting almost every poetic angle on the subject of the face into a group of image driven, largely narrative pieces. . . This is a book about conjoining memories to landscapes, spaces to letters, fusing poetic techniques to linear and lyric storytelling."   

            - The Dansforth Review, November 2007   Read more . . .




To live on the edge of a continent is to understand

the finite property of things delicious anxiety


fear of falling optional suicide measures B jump

into cold bluewater submerge float out to sea


Inland Toronto, continuity is unsettling the rush

the thick of people things a constant distraction


no oceans to dream beyond no balancing

on perilous cliffs no hypothesis of death Faces . . . Read more . . .


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