Full Bibliography


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    Italian Edition, TBA, Felici Editore

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Thrice Upon A Time (Quarry Press, 1990), finalist for best first novel for the Commonwealth Prize

    Audio Book 2011, Amazon - Audible.com

Short Story Collections

Hungers (Raincoast, 2002)

On The Road (Oberon Press, 1991)


Faceless (Signature Editions, 2007)

Mating in Captivity (Quarry, 1993) Finalist for the Gerald Lampert Award 

    Italian Edition 2004, Shifanoia Editore (Accoppiarsi in Cattività)

Creative Nonfiction

Tracks: Journeys in Time and Place (Signature Editions, Fall 2013)

Poetry Collections Translated from Italian

Text Me (Signature Editions, 2014), translation of Corrado Calabró’s poetry collection, Dimmi Per SMS

Travelling in the Gait of a Fox (Quarry, 1992), translation of Dacia Maraini's poetry collection Viaggiando Con

    Passo Di Volpe – Finalist for the literary translation prize Premio Internazionale “Diego Valeri”

Devour Me Too (Guernica, 1987), translation of Dacia Maraini's poetry collection, Mangiami Pure

    finalist for the John Glassco Translation Award.

Full-length works other than books:

Alternate Visions original opera libretto commissioned by Vancouver Opera, (music composed by 

    John Oliver); produced by Chants Libres, Montreal, May 2007; Selections produced for Opera America

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Scissors (novel thesis – on Microform, U.B.C. Press, 1984)

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