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Author Events & Publications 2022

Author Events & Publications 2022

Author Events & Publications 2022


Poetry Collection


                         June 7, 2022

In this week's Poetry in Motion feature, Gunn shares how she is interested in playing with forms of poetry, and how her third collection revolves around upheavals that cause turbulence in our lives.

May 31, 2022

Sepia Quarterly

ESSAY, “IMAGINING HOME: Chamber Music for migration: for voices without accompaniment; originally composed for the home.”

May 30, 2022

L’Edicola Del Sud, BARI


on Alla ricerca di Iris, the Italian translation of Tracing Iris.

May 29, 2022

Alla ricerca di Iris

Italian translation of Tracing Iris

Les Flaneurs Edizioni, Bari, 2022

In elegant language which peels back masks to discover a self ‘folded inside these pages,’ Genni Gunn’s Accidents exposes links hidden in childhood and in the body to the essence of family, time, and place. It’s the knowing, Gunn says, that ‘joins us to the ghost limbs of our past’ . Gunn’s poetry illuminates found objects, their connections coalescing into an autobiography of perception itself.”

— Marilyn Bowering, author of What is Long Past occurs in Full Light

“…[Genni Gunn’s] poems traverse the globe and take readers along for a ride through a world where familial ghosts reside. The memories those spirits bring, often unsettling, ring true as bright shards of glass in sunlight. These poems sometimes inhabit wild places where “…buildings [are] slowly stifled by tentacles of vines” yet may still head uptown to the mostly sedate streets of the poshly manicured Shaughnessy district. Although life in these pages is an ongoing theatre, frequently “…a theatre / of regrets,” the dramas that play out also offer hope through these days of fear and isolation.”  

- Heidi Greco, author of Glorious Birds                    

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