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Text Me (Signature Editions, 2014)

A collection of love poems, Text Me expresses through language and metaphor the many ways to say "I love you."

"In the velvet of night, vision rescues the poet and opens psychic scenarios in which the re-established contact with the forces of nature enables him to penetrate the mystery of life and the universe: penetrate but not decipher. The women he sometimes names in his poems (Jessica, Michelle, etc.) are simply masks for the ideal of love Calabro relentlessly pursues, which never loses the ability to surprise him and which flows forever in his veins."

            -Fabia Baldi

Traveling in the Gait of a Fox (Quarry Press, 1994)

By “the gait of a fox” I mean this nocturnal roaming in the glimmer of the moon, among shadows of unknown woods, with weightless paws, a nose that follows scents in the search of wild berried and small watermelons to bring to the den. No one would think of shooting a fox that is resting on the edge of a well. Within her fur might be hidden a small female figure who is in love with mystery.

            - Dacia Maraini

Devour Me Too (Guernica Editions, 1987)

"This very readable translation of [Dacia Maraini's] third collection of poems by Genni Gunn offers an intriguing introduction to an Italian poet working in a mode not very common in English...there's something to learn from the ferocious and stylistically confident rush of her rhetoric."

 -- Poetry Canada Review, Vol 9, No, 3

"Devour Me Too is a startling and complex work, very much in the surrealist tradition. . .It is hoped that the English-speaking reader will have access to her other works of poetry in translations as superb as this."

 -- Canadian Book Review Annual, 1988

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